Medical Professionals
UAMS Regional Programs supports the state’s health care professionals by providing educational opportunities and career placement services. This work helps UAMS Regional Programs accomplish its overall goal of ensuring access to quality healthcare for all Arkansan’s, especially those in rural areas.

Career Placement Help

We strive to match providers with communities to provide optimal patient care delivery.  See our Physician and Provider Placement page for more information.

Education and Professional Resources

For physicians and other practicing professionals in the state, UAMS Regional Programs has a number of educational and training resources. These resources help ensure Arkansas has knowledgeable, experienced physicians, nurses and allied health professionals.

UAMS Regional Programs contracts with the Center for Distance Health (CDH) to provide provides continuing education, including online courses, an interactive television system and classes in different regions of the state. By using a multitude of technologies, physicians and others can stay up-to-date without the need for travel.

UAMS Regional Programs, through the UAMS Family Medical Centers, also provides residency training programs. That allows physicians to develop their knowledge and skills in the specialty of Family Medicine.

The Learning Resource Centers across the state are another valuable resource. These Medical libraries serve the needs of local physicians, health professionals, students and the general public.