Community Resources

Community Outreach

Contact information:

Stephanie Loveless, MPH, Outreach Director
870-572-2727 Ext. 114

Asthma Education –  (available in Crittenden, St. Francis, Monroe, Lee and Phillips counties ) – Utilizing the American Lung Association’s curriculums, asthma education is provided to children, parents, caregivers and teachers.

Babysitter Training – (available in all counties) – Provides Safe Sitter certification for area youth., teaching youth first aid skills, safety, nutritional fun foods and educational and interactive games.

Car Seat Baby Showers– (available in Phillips counties) – In collaboration with Arkansas Children’s Hospital and Helena Health Foundation, offers monthly baby showers where participants learn home safety information. Additionally, each participant receives a free car seat and installation provided by trained car seat specialist.

Classics-  (available in Phillips and St. Francis counties) – Provides a weekly, health education program for senior citizens age 55 and above.  The program includes health education programs, exercise and social activities.

CPR for Consumers – (available in all counties) – Provides the American Heart Association’s Heart-saver AED and Friends and Family CPR for private citizens and businesses.

CPR for Health Professionals –  (available in all counties) – Provides the American Heart Association’s basic life support for healthcare providers.

Diabetes & Support – (available in all counties) – Provides diabetes education to individuals and groups.Offers a monthly support group to individuals with diabetes and their friends and families.Provides diabetes screenings in schools, churches, and community based organizations.

Emergency Medicine Program – Provides individuals who have no prescription insurance and are on a limited income with an emergency supply of needed medicines, if they are eligible for prescription assistance.

Exercise Programs – (Chicot, Desha, Phillips Counties) – Offers ZUMBA , tai chi, aerobics, and yoga fitness classes.

Exercise Programs for Children K-6th Grade – (Lee county) – Provides weekly exercise

First Aid – (available in all counties) – Provides American Heart Associates First Aid class to anyone interested in becoming certified in first aid.

Health Education for Children and Adolescents – (available in all counties) – Provides comprehensive health education lessons on a variety of topics.  Topics include nutrition, exercise, career education, teen health issues, and hygiene.

Health Education for Adults – (available in all counties) – Provides health education to adults on a variety of topics including diabetes, heart health, nutrition and healthy eating.

Health Screenings – (available in all counties) – Provides health screenings for area organizations and industry in conjunction with health fairs. Also provides information on how to deal with high blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose. Patients with abnormal readings are referred to health care providers

How Healthy is Your Church?– (all counties) – Provides free health screenings, information and counseling to area churches.  After screening events, church members are given a health packet that includes any recommendations and referrals if needed.  CPR and first aid are also offered through the churches.

How Healthy is Your Faculty? – Provides area school teachers, cafeteria workers, bus drives and maintenance workers with free, biannual, health screening, information and counseling. After screening events, employees receive a health packet that includes any recommendations and referrals, if needed.

How Healthy is Your Industry? -(available in all counties) Partners with local industry to implement on-site wellness activities including developing wellness profiles. Offers local workforce free, biannual, health screenings, information, and counseling.  Following the screenings, employees are given a health packet with recommendations and referrals, if needed.

Kids for Health – Provides comprehensive health education for children in Kindergarten through 6rd grade. Students receive weekly health education programs, in their classrooms, on a variety of topics including nutrition, exercise, hygiene, and drug prevention.

Lunch and Learn for Wellness– (Phillips and Chicot County) – Monthly wellness luncheons are held for the community.  Topics include diabetes, breast cancer, sickle cell, and stroke prevention awareness.

Mothers and Expecting Mothers – (Phillips County & surrounding areas) – Services include: Childbirth Class Series, Safety Baby Shower, Breastfeeding Class Series, Parent Support Group, Doula Services (birthing assistant)

Prescription Assistance – assists clients with obtaining their medicines free or at a reduced rate from participating pharmaceutical companies.

Remembering Angels – (available in Crittenden County) – Provides community resource materials to parents who have experienced loss through miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant death.

Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program –  (all counties) – Provides prevention education in area schools. The curriculum focuses on refusal skills and making safe choices.

Tobacco Prevention – (available in all counties) – Provides a smoking prevention education to address the hazards of tobacco use to schools and community groups.