Governance of UAMS South

UAMS South is comprised of approximately 60+ faculty and staff members who give the energy for UAMS South to reach its vision and mission. To give broad-based input into decision-making, the following teams have been identified: the Clinic Administration Team, the Information Technology Team, the Continuing Education Institute, and the Research and Scholarly Activities Committee. In addition, there is a Leadership Team with representation from the Residency Program, Business Office, Professional and Continuing Education, Medical Library and Information Technology.

Externally, UAMS South is fortunate to have a Community Advisory Committee. The purpose of the Community Advisory Committee is to provide pertinent information to leadership of UAMS South. In addition, the Community Advisory Committee is a strong voice to the community as they represent UAMS South. Membership consists of the following:

UAMS South Community Advisory Committee Members

  • Ed. Henley, Ph.D. – Chair
  • Peter J. Carroll, M.D.
  • American Farrell
  • Corbet Lamkin, Ph.D.
  • Jodie Mahony
  • Robert Nunnally, M.D.
  • Allan S. Pirnique, M.D.
  • Melanie Sheppard
  • Don Wales