Healthcare in America is changing. The focus is shifting from systems to people. The whole mindset of how healthcare is delivered and received is being overhauled, never to return to “The Good Old Days.” And for all the growing pains us, as a nation, are experiencing this is a good thing.

The center of the healthcare circle is now the patient, the person that uses these services is the center of attention. The current buzz-phrase is “Patient-Centered Medical Home.” The traditional doctor’s office has grown to become a medical home. This home has doctors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, allied health specialists, and a host of other support staff to ensure comprehensive care is delivered at a single location. A medical home is the hub of healthcare activities for each person. Instead of being a place that is visited only when sick, the medical home is where people come for health information, preventive care, and to learn how to manage their own health.

What is different now is the reality that keeping people healthy and well is more effective than trying to undo disease caused by less than healthy habits. The most important person in this new
way of thinking is the person/patient. Everyone has to realize they are the managers of their own health. It is no longer the doctor’s sole responsibility to fix problems like obesity, hypertension,
Type II diabetes, and smoking-related diseases. Now each person has to take ownership of their own health…Personal Health Accountability.

There is a biblical concept of “sin is pleasurable for a season” meaning doing what we know is wrong will only last so long until we meet the consequences of our choices. Another popular
expression is “I would have taken better care of my body if I knew I would live this long.” In moderation our bodies can tolerate many potentially harmful activities that have disastrous
consequences when in excess. The question for each person is where the boundaries are and will I live within them.

The UAMS Clinics in Texarkana are medical homes for our community. We desire to partner with every person that chooses us for their healthcare. We seek a true partnership with people who desire to improve and maintain the highest quality of life possible. We provide the medical and educational part of the relationship. You, the person wanting improved health, have the greatest impact on your wellbeing. Working with your medical home family, you can make a real difference in your future. Like they say, “If you don’t have your health, what do you have?”

To your health,
Patrick Evans