Salary & Benefits

Resident Level PG1 PG2 PG3
Salary $53,084 $53,299 $55,057
CME $1,000 $1,500/1 Wk $1,500/1 Wk
Vacation 3 Wks/Yr 3 Wks/Yr 3 Wks/Yr
Sign-on Bonus (*taxable) $2,000 N/A N/A
Health Insurance Including Prescription Card (family coverage)* UMR UMR UMR
Dental Insurance Resident AR Blue Cross/Blue Shield AR Blue Cross/Blue Shield AR Blue Cross/Blue Shield
Basic Life Insurance Equal to 1 Year Salary up to $50,000
Disability Insurance $1,000/Mt $1,000/Mt $1,000/Mt
Malpractice Insurance $500K/$1.5M $500K/$1.5M $500K/$1.5M
ACLS, PALS, NRP Courses Reg Paid Reg Paid Reg Paid
USMLE 3 Registration Paid x 1 Paid N/A
AAFP Membership Provided Provided Provided
Free Meals For Conferences Provided Provided Provided
Free Food On Call Provided Provided Provided
Lab Coats Provided Provided Provided
Gym Membership Free for Resident, Additional Charge for Family
Daycare on-site at Baptist Health-Fort Smith  Reduced Rates
Parking Provided Provided Provided


Residents class of 2020I knew Fort Smith was the place for me after spending a short time here as a student. The community has a home town feel while being big enough to meet my family’s needs. The faculty, staff and other residents become your second family and have become an important source of support. I feel that I have become a well-rounded physician thanks to the broad yet in-depth curriculum. If I had to choose again, I would definitely choose UAMS West.

Megan Minniear-Corrons